Friday, January 9, 2015

The Ebola Virus

 " Laying in bed dying of 105 degrees of fever throwing  up every minute , having to go to the bathroom every second having really bad diarrhea with blood bleeding from my eyes and nose getting so much headaches scratching my self because I cant stand my bad rashes all over my skin not wanting to eat loosing my appetite so much pain in my muscles I feel like I'm  dying already  wanting to call the doctor but I can barley move . I finally stood up and went to the phone called my doctor and told my doctor what was going on he suddenly said don't move from  where  you are ,we're  coming. They finally arrived , they were all covered with protection I was getting really scared, they had  a lot  of things to take me. I was even more scared it looked like I was really sick! We got to the hospital every one in the hospital were backing away from me they were all protected the nurses the doctors everybody! they took me into a room they started plugging a lot of things into me and computers. The doctors left the room they said they will be back with the results in half a hour. They came back and said that all those symptoms were of the virus of Ebola i was crying so bad and suddenly of so much stressed and combined with my sickness I died it was to late to save me they had cure but my body didn't handle the symptoms. I may be talking to you from heaven just to be warned but that's the story of my life.